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Welcome to the Bowie Hockey Club Website.    

Bowie Hockey Club has been providing quality hockey instruction for over 40 years.  

We have a wide range of programs, from instructional hockey for the very beginner to competitive travel teams.       
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Greetings Players and Parents, As you know, Hocktoberfest, our...
Silent Auction Teaser
Top Ten Reasons to Buy your Tickets to Bowie Hockey Club's 2nd...
Greetings Parents, Hocktoberfest, Bowie Hockey Club's annual...
USAH Rule 411 Progressive Suspension
Bowie Hockey Members, As you may be aware, USAH is implementing...
So Your Kid Wants to Play Ice Hockey - Where Do You Start?
Make sure they like to skate, because as a hockey player they are...

Greetings Players and Parents,

As you know, Hocktoberfest, our annual fundraising event, is just one-month away. Although this is an adult-only event, we'd like to involve our players in our all-important fundraising efforts.

In conjunction with Hocktoberfest, Bowie Hockey Club invites all players to participate in our Shoot/Save-a-Thon. Players should solicit sponsors using the following letters:

Goalie Sponsorship Request Letter

Skater Sponsorship Request Letter

Please email or mail the appropriate letter (goalie or skater) to family and friends. Be sure to fill in your team name, number of saves or goals you hope to make in the 3-week time frame, and type your name at the bottom of the letter. Then, begin your Shoot/Save-a-Thon at home. Goalies should practice their saves and skaters should practice their shots. Keep track of your progress and remember to keep your sponsors updated.

Please request that all sponsorships be returned prior to October 7th. Sarah Davia will be collecting funds October 8 through 14 at practices. If you sponsors prefer to mail a check directly to the club, the address is listed at the bottom of the letters.

All funds collected will benefit the entire club. It is, therefore, important that all players in Recreational and Travel hockey consider joining us in this fundraising endeavor. In addition to honing your hockey skills, the top three skaters and top two goalies with the most funds collected will earn a gift card.

Please email Sarah at with any questions you may have.

Thank you, Players and Parents, for your continued support.

by posted 09/19/2014
Silent Auction Teaser

Top Ten Reasons to Buy your Tickets to Bowie Hockey Club's 2nd Annual Hocktoberfest and Casino Night


10. Great night out with friends wearing something other than rink clothes.

 9.  Gambling when you have nothing to lose = FUN!

 8.  An evening out without the kiddos - 'Nuff said.

 7.  Free Beer and Wine...

 6.  Date Night!

 5.  No Cooking Required.

 4.  Cheering for hockey parents playing craps is almost as much fun as cheering for our hockey players.

 3.  Prizes are cool, no matter what age we are.

 2.  Chance to win some great items in Silent Auction (including your summer vacation!!)

 1.  Bowie Hockey Club needs your support!


Check out our Silent Auction Teaser.  These are just three of the many items we will have available for bid.  Please email with questions.

Purchase your tickets at                            $50 per ticket

by posted 09/18/2014

Greetings Parents,

Hocktoberfest, Bowie Hockey Club's annual fundraising event, is quickly approaching. This event helps the club to continue it's tradition of promoting youth hockey in the local and surrounding communities.

As a nonprofit organization, fundraising is vital to our efforts to provide assistance to our travel and recreational teams with tournament expenses in addition to providing much-needed funding to programs such as our Future Bruins Prospects Instructional Program. This program, directed by Coach Bill Schmidt, is designed primarily for players who want to begin playing hockey. It is provided at no cost to first-time registrants.

This year's Hocktoberfest event will be held on October 17th, 2014 at Renditions Golf Course from 7:30 to 11:30PM. This adult-only event features Casino Games (starter chips provided), Silent Auction Items, heavy Hors D'Oeuvres, 3-hr Open Bar (beer and wine), Music, Prizes and lots of fun. Tickets can be purchased for $50 per person online at Bring a friend and enjoy a night out with fellow hockey parents!

If you have any questions or would like to help sponsor this event, please contact Sarah Davia at

Thank you for your support,

Bowie Hockey Club Board Members


***Many thanks to Holli Rahl, Bowie Hockey Club member and graphic designer, for donating her time to design the Hocktoberfest Logo!

by posted 09/16/2014
USAH Rule 411 Progressive Suspension

Bowie Hockey Members,

As you may be aware, USAH is implementing Rule 411 which governs major penalties and their consequences.  The Club will take this rule seriously and follow the USAH guidelines.  If you have any questions please talk with your coach.  All penalties can be found in the USAH Rulebook in section four here.

USAH Rule 411 | Progressive Suspensions

USA Hockey is committed to providing a safe and fair environment for all participants. While the vast majority of players participate within the rules and respect the game and their opponents, USA Hockey recognizes the need to hold those players and coaches deemed to be repeat offenders accountable for their actions. Beginning with the 2014-15 playing season, the Progressive Suspensions rule will take affect nationally.

  1. Any player who receives their third major penalty during the same season for any combination of aggressive infractions listed below shall receive an additional three-game suspension. For any player who receives their fourth major penalty in this category, the player shall receive an additional five-game suspension. Any player who receives their fifth major penalty in this category during the same season shall be suspended until a hearing is conducted by the proper authorities (USA Hockey Affiliate). These designated game suspensions shall be in addition to any other suspensions imposed through the official playing rules. The aggressive infractions that fit into this category are in section six here:
  • Rule 603 Boarding 
  • Rule 604 Body Checking (Body Contact categories)
  • Rule 606 Butt-Ending
  • Rule 607 Charging
  • Rule 608 Checking From Behind
  • Rule 609 Cross-Checking
  • Rule 611 Elbowing
  • Rule 619 Head-Butting
  • Rule 620 Head Contact
  • Rule 621 High Stick
  • Rule 627 Kicking
  • Rule 628 Kneeing
  • Rule 634 Slashing
  • Rule 635 Spearing
  • Rule 639 Tripping/Clipping/Leg Checking
  • Rule 640 Unnecessary Roughness (Roughing)

A separate progressive suspension rule for Fighting is covered under Rule 615(f) Fighting.

(b) Any team that receives three major penalties in the same game shall have its Head Coach suspended for the next game of that team. For any subsequent game where that team receives three or more major penalties in the same game, the Head Coach shall serve a three-game suspension. For a third game with three or more major penalties by the same team during the same season, the Head Coach shall be suspended indefinitely until a hearing has been conducted by the proper authorities (USA Hockey Affiliate).

The role of the Official is to enforce all playing rules at all times and they are expected to strictly enforce playing rules that fall under the aggressive infraction category. Players and coaches must be held accountable for dangerous actions and the onus is on them to teach and play the game within the rules. Officials are required to submit a game report immediately following the game for any major penalty falling in the aggressive infraction category, game misconduct or match penalty that is assessed.

by posted 08/15/2014
So Your Kid Wants to Play Ice Hockey - Where Do You Start?

Make sure they like to skate, because as a hockey player they are going to be doing lots of skating. The Bowie Ice Rink offers public sessions throughout the year. Bring your child and some of their friends to a couple of public sessions to see if they like skating, they might actually bump into some of the hockey players.

  1. Once your child has decided he wants to learn how to play hockey start them off with lessons at the Bowie Ice Rink. The Bowie Ice Rink offers many ISIA group lessons for all levels of skating including the Alpha/Beta programs. To see all of the programs offered by the Bowie Ice Rink go to the Bowie Ice Rink website.

Required Equipment

  1. Hockey Skates
  1. When your child has learned the basics of skating the Bowie Hockey Club offers the “Future Bruins Instructional” program. This program is designed primarily for players who want to start playing hockey. This program emphasizes hockey skating skills and stick handling with an introduction to the game of hockey. The Future Bruins program runs for 5 or 6 weeks throughout the year. For more information checkout the Future Bruins page on our website.

Full equipment is required for all participants, which can be loaned to you, (Contact the )

Required Equipment

  1. Helmet with face mask
  2. Shoulder pads
  3. Elbow Pads
  4. Hockey Gloves
  5. Shin Guards
  6. Hockey Pants
  7. Hockey Socks
  8. Hockey Stick
  9. Hockey Skates
  1. Now it’s time to join a league. The Bowie Hockey Club offer two levels Recreation, which plays in the Capital Corridor Hockey League and Travel, which plays in the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League.
    1. Recreation runs from October through February. Most practices are held at the Bowie Ice rink and will be held once weekly. The teams will play approximately 18 games traveling no further than 1-hour from Bowie. For more information checkout the Recreation page on our website.
    2. Travel runs from September through February. Most practices are held at the Bowie Ice rink and will be held twice weekly. The teams will play approximately 20 games throughout the Delaware, Maryland and Virginia areas. For more information checkout the Travel page on our website.

by posted 04/11/2014
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