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Welcome to the Bowie Hockey Club Website.    

Bowie Hockey Club has been providing quality hockey instruction for over 40 years. The club provides a wide range of programs, from instructional hockey for the very beginner to competitive travel teams.  

Our recreational teams compete in the CCHL, travel teams play in the the CBHL, and our top teams also play in the EJEPL, a league made up of teams from the east coast and also other areas of the country.  The club also runs a spring hockey program to keep our player's skills sharp for tryouts.

Travel tryouts start on April 25th. Register now!



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Walk-up tryout registration
Online tryout registration is closed.  If you have not registered...
Tryout FAQs
Bowie Tryout FAQs   * Players must be registered, paid...
EJEPL Plan for 2016-17 Season
FAQs for Eastern Junior Elite Prospect League (EJEPL) The EJEPL...
Bowie Hockey Travel Tryouts - April 25-30
The Bowie Hockey Club will hold tryouts for travel teams for the...
Walk-up tryout registration

Online tryout registration is closed.  If you have not registered and wish to do so, please come to the Bowie rink prior to the time of the tryout you are scheduled for on Monday for Mites, Bantams, and Midgets or on Wednesday for Squirts and Pee Wees.  Please arrive early enough to complete all the forms.  Full payment must be made before any tryout can occur.

by posted 04/23/2016
Tryout FAQs

Bowie Tryout FAQs


* Players must be registered, paid the registration fee, and have a valid USAH# for the 2015-16 or 2016-17 season to participate in tryouts.


* The schedule on the website is correct and current.  It is important to attend all sessions so the players can be effectively evaluated. If you cannot attend a tryout session please let one of us know.  The session on Friday, April 29 at 545p is for all goalies and any players the coaches decide to callback, however it is primarily a goalie session.


* Upon arrival, players only should go to the registration table near the hockey entrance to sign in and receive a pinnie.  The pinnie is to be returned after each tryout and will be re-issued.  Players may wear any jersey they choose except ones with their names on them.


* Players should come ready to listen, skate hard, and demonstrate their abilities.  Tryouts are not practices or clinics.  On-ice officials will explain the drills and what is expected but will not generally demonstrate the drills unless necessary. Bring a water bottle and a desire to work hard.


* There will be a 15 minute parent-coaches meeting after the first tryout at every level.  We will try and keep it brief and just go over the main points of tryouts.


* As tryouts go on, similarly talented players will be placed together to better evaluate them one on one.  It may also be the case that weaker players are matched up against stronger players to see how they fare as well.  The evaluators and on-ice officials will manage this.


* For Squirt/PeeWee/Bantam/Midget - Coaches will begin notifying players selected to the top teams via email/phone within 24 hours after the final tryout.  This should all occur on May 1.  If you decline a spot on the top team, you will need to do so immediately so we can fill the spot and notify players on the second team and those who did not make a travel team.  Second team notifications will begin on May 1 and we hope to be completed by May 2.  As soon as all teams have been notified, we will post teams by pinnie number/color on the website.  This should occur no later than May 3.  Please respond if you do not want to accept a position on a team. If a player declines a position there may be changes/additions to the rosters. 


*Mites - Coaches will begin notifying Mite players on Thursday, April 28.


* We will not make a determination about at what level teams are playing until after tryouts.


* If you have any questions, please ask


Tryout Organizers On-Ice – Larry Robinson, Bill Palmer, and Kevin Richardson

Tryout Organizers Off-Ice - Sarah Davia, Lori Jones, Jillian Marszsalek, Amy Richardson, Renee Brennan, Josh Zive, and Pete Cipolla

Club President – Andrej Kolaja

by posted 04/21/2016
EJEPL Plan for 2016-17 Season

FAQs for Eastern Junior Elite Prospect League (EJEPL)

The EJEPL is made up of about 50 clubs on the east coast and in other parts of the USA.  The league has a high level of competition and it balances the schedule to insure that stronger teams play stronger teams as the season progresses.  The league has three main divisions; Diamond, Futures Gold, and Futures Silver (planned).  These divisions basically correspond to AA (Diamond), AA/Upper A (Futures Gold), and Upper A/Lower A (Futures Silver).

The club plans to enter the top Squirt, Pee Wee, and Bantam teams in the EJEPL. The club alos plans also place second teams at Pee Wee and Bantam in the league as well. The EJEPL allows us to play teams that would be nearly impossible in any other format.  

Bowie’s two travel Pee Wee teams played in the EJEPL this season, our first time participating in the league.  PW Gold was 13-3 and PW Black was 11-5 in the league with many close games against quality opponents from PA, NJ, NY, CT, NH, and ME.  It has been a positive factor in developing players this year and the club is looking to expand opportunities for more teams in the future.

If you have any questions, please ask.


  • A regular CBHL schedule of 16 to 24 games
  • 16 total EJEPL games
    • 8 EJEPL games (generally split home and away), most will be in MD, PA, NJ, NY, VA
    • 2 Showcases (8 games total) – one in the north (NY, NH, CT, RI) and one in the south (PA, NJ, DE)
  • Limited non-league schedule
  • EJEPL teams will not travel for away tournaments during Labor Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas to give players and parents downtime, breaks at these times are encouraged
  • ​EJEPL Playoffs are in February, usually in NY or NJ
  • Upper level of EJEPL has an all-star weekend in February

by posted 03/05/2016
Bowie Hockey Travel Tryouts - April 25-30

The Bowie Hockey Club will hold tryouts for travel teams for the 2016-17 season on April 25-30 at the Bowie Ice Arena.  The club is planning on fielding two teams at Mite, Squirt, Pee Wee, and Bantam; one U16 team, and one U18 team.    

The Club's philosophy is to field teams so they can be competitive and which will allow the players to develop. For this reason team levels will be determined after tryouts.

Additional teams may be formed if there is sufficient interest and skilled players.

Notification will be sent when registration is posted on the website.  Below are the tentative dates for tryouts for planning purposes.

Tentative Dates and Times:

Mite (2008-9 birth years) - April 25; 615-715p and April 27; 545-645p

Squirt (2006-7 birth years) - April 27; 700-800p, April 29; 700-800p, and April 30; 315-415p

Pee Wee (2004-5 birth years) -April 27; 815-915p, April 28; 700-800p, and April 30; 430-530p

Bantam (2002-3 birth years) - April 25; 730-830p, April 29; 815-915p, and April 30; 545-645p

Midget (1998-2001 birth years) - April 25; 845-945p, April 28; 815-915p, and April 30; 700-800p

Goalie/Callback - April 29; 545-645p



Mite - Head Coaches Tommy Allen and Johnny Vargas

Squirt 1 - Head Coach Derek Rabold

Squirt 2 - TBD

Pee Wee 1 - Head Coach Tony MacAulay

Pee Wee 2 - Head Coach Jeff Matthews

Bantam 1 - Head Coach Bill Chapin and Assistant Head Coach Wes Travis

Bantam 2 - Head Coach Bill Schmidt

U16 - Wes Travis

U18 - Lee Robinson


Skills Session Instructor - Dave Perry

Goalie Instructor - Jay Chrapala, GDI

Coach/Skating Assistant - Wes Travis

by posted 02/16/2016
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